​One of our most popular services is mold remediation in Maryland. Mold can be a huge problem in a house. Not only is the mold toxic, but there can be leaks that caused the moisture the mold needs to grow. Our skilled contractors can evaluate the issue and recommend the services necessary to make the house ready to sell or rent.

Is the house at the point where it needs demolition in Maryland? We can take care of any job. It doesn’t matter how big it seems. We’ll give you an estimate and time frame to complete the job. Our licensed contractors will see the job through from beginning to end, so all you have to do is put a for rent or for sale sign in the yard. 

We take care of all the property preservation services, so you don’t have to bother with it. We offer peace of mind and the best service. Our prices are competitive and our estimates are free. Sometimes a foreclosed house is a disaster area of left behind items. We’ll haul it away. Is there damage? We can take care of a wide-range of construction. We have offices in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC, and New York. 

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Property Preservation Services Is What We Do

Property Preservation and Investment Services
Our Complete List of Property Preservation Services Include:
  • Field Inspections Initial Services 
  • Re-key 
  • Mold Remediation 
  • Install lockbox 
  • Board windows & doors 
  • Winterization 
  • Trash-Out 
  • Vehicle removal 
  • Extermination 
  • Tarping & roof repairs
  • General Property Maintenance 
  • Lawn & pool care 
  • General maintenance repairs 
  • Cleaning services 
  • 24 houremergency service 
  • Storm clean-up 
  • Demolition 
  • Eviction/Surrender of Possession 
  • Cash For keys 
  • Lock out/move out service
​Phone: 301-464-8244